Medix Distribution about us

About us

At Medix Distribution, we don’t just know healthcare. We immerse ourselves in every aspect of its world and understand the critical and complex supply chain needs of the industry. We have designed solutions to meet those needs for the betterment of society as a whole.

We come fully equipped with extensive warehousing and logistics capabilities,resulting in an impressive full-line distribution of medication and health products every day and everywhere across Lebanon. Our focus is to help you save time so you focus on saving lives.

We are striving to become Lebanon’s leading service provider in the healthcare supply chain. We want to help create a Middle East where medication is delivered as efficiently and quickly as possible to all patients.

We make it our absolute mission to efficiently deliver medication to every healthcare stakeholder and customer on a daily basis. We do this by focusing our operations on three key pillars:

  • Operating a state-of-the-art warehouse and delivery fleet.
  • Implementing a quality centric approach to operations enabling us to provide first-rate solutions to the supply chain logistics.
  • Developing and continuously improving our technology and innovative IT system, which guarantees efficiency and flexibility to the solutions we provide.
  • Quality: We are focused on and committed to complete client satisfaction by continuously providing the best service. Consistency in quality and delivery drive our daily workforce.
  • Reliability: We obsess over delivering at the right time, to the right stakeholder, and with the right product and information. This is our area of dedication and how we always wish to show our loyalty to partners.
  • Eco-Consciousness:We work under an eco-friendly model that allows us to maintain low environmental impact. We are fully solar powered and boast numerous recycling capabilities and initiatives.

What makes us unique?

Our overarching goal to provide the healthcare industry with a premium service.

We rely on 5 pillars that make Medix Distribution’ service unique:

High Quality Standards

    Leaders in:

  • Warehousing quality practices
  • Distribution quality practices
  • Tender and procurement processes

Healthcare Professionals

Three pharmacists form an integral part of the decision-making process and in general governance

Competitive Pricing

  • Partner of choice for more than 10 international NGOs
  • More than 10 years of experience in negotiation
  • More than 10 years of reputable and seamless relationships with local and international suppliers

Market Experience and Intelligence

    Market screening know-how based on:

  • Technical expertise in the pharmaceutical sector
  • Experience in local markets and public health needs
  • Experience in both products and suppliers

Expertise in Supply Chain

Through our decade-long experience, we share our learning and business excellence with our clients to improve their outcomes